Just thought I’d update on my progress with the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle regime. Loath to call it a diet as it isn’t, it’s more a way of life now.

I’ve lost another 9lbs in the last 6 weeks. This may not sound like much but I think I have been building muscle as this weighs heavier than fat and my clothes are a lot looser. I have gone down 1 dress size .

I was very surprised when I got on the scales this week after my visit to the States, I did think my healthy weight loss regime would suffer a dip. I did try and avoid the very large portions by ordering mostly just appetizers, they seem to be pretty large anyway. It is not really any more difficult to try and follow the eat every 3 hours regime in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle when you are away in another country and living in hotels.

What I did was go to the local supermarket and get several snacky things to keep in my room. I bought fruit, small packets of different nuts and seeds and some baby bel cheeses (all healthy weight loss options). I found that this was enough to keep me from straying too far off track when I sat down to eat in the hotel or restaurant. By eating a small piece of cheese about half an hour before dinner my appetite was greatly curbed and I wasn’t even tempted to order any of the main course meals. I think the to go box is also a good idea as you can eat half now and then in another 3 hours you have your next small meal for your Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program.

Feeling pretty smug as this is the first time I have been away and have managed to loose weight, other than when I went to Kenya several years ago, but the weight loss was for a different reason that I won’t go into. 

 For more information on healthy weight loss the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle way go to www.janetdunmore.com