Just checked out the freezer and I’m getting low on my small Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Meals. Decided to do a couple of my favourites in large portions so that I’ll have lots to put in the freezer.

One of my favorite low cal meals is a Quorn Chilli. When I lived in the States Quorn didn’t seem to be very popular although they’d just started selling it in my favorite supermarket-Wholefoods…..how I miss that store! For the purposes of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle regime Quorn is perfect as it’s very low in calories and it absorbs the flavour of anything that you put with it. I very often don’t mention to my partner that the Chilli contains Quorn and not meat and he is blissfully unaware. Let’s face it, a good Chilli needs to be very spicy so that and the tomato’s and onions is usually the overriding flavour. Chilli is also known to help with fat burning so I like to include it in a lot of my Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle healthy weight loss dishes.

The other weight loss dish I just made for the freezer consisted of several different vegetables I just found in the fridge left from the weekend…….I’m a big vegetable lover. I simmered them (broccoli, asparagus, courgette, mushrooms) in vegetable stock and browned some onions and some turkey cut into very small pieces. I added green peas and chick peas and passata and a hand-full of herbs (also found in the fridge). I then added my obligatory chilli, but this could be left out or maybe substituted with garlic. This low cal dish is delicious and gives you several helpings of your recommended 5 a day vegetables combined with some low cal protein. Perfect for your Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program and should help in your healthy weight loss goals.
If your one of those people that likes to include some complex carbs then I find that a small portion of organic brown rice goes well with both dishes. I usually cook up a large batch and cool it immediately by running under the cold water (must be careful when re-heating rice), and store several small containers in the fridge and freezer. It heats up in the microwave safely in a couple of minutes.

Feeling quite smug now that I’m fully stocked up again, I’ll be interspersing these healthy weight loss meals with some of the quick and easy recipes found in the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle E-Book.

If any of you have any favorite low cal recipes you’d like to share then please feel free to post them on this blog.

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