Getting ready for the weekend, decided to get organized today and make sure I have everything I need to keep me on track for my weight loss goal. Weekends are usually a pretty hectic time for me so if I have things to hand to grab and go then I’m less tempted to eat things that are not on the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program.I stepped up my exercise routine slightly this morning as I now have the added incentive of a holiday just booked in the South of France. Off to Cannes, so I don’t want to be lying next to some super model or starlet (does happen) and look like a beached whale. Extra repetitions on the free weights to tone my arms and another 10 minutes on the rower. I don’t do heavy weights as I only want to tone my arms, (not look like a Russian shot putter;0).

I usually manage to introduce some retail therapy walking exercise at the weekend too, this usually involves quite a lot of lifting (hangers), unfortunately just the right arm gets used, must try and use the left too to balance it out. Although this form of exercise is not mentioned in the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program, it is one that is enjoyed by women all over the world.

Off out for an Indian meal tonight so to keep me on my weight loss program I will be sure to order chicken tikka or tandoori, this is a nice low cal treat that is complimentary to the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program.

The final thing that I’m sure is going to assist me to stay on track for my weight loss goal this weekend is the fact that I am baby sitting for my two granddaughters. The 2.5 year old I have most weekends and is quite a weight and insists on being picked up a lot (good calorie burner) and for the first time overnight, my new granddaughter 8 weeks old, so I’m sure that will keep my mind of the cookie jar;0)

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