Lost another 3lb since I last got on the scales a few days ago.This is great as I don’t think I have ever had a continally sustained weight loss like this before.

It’s not really difficult to stay on this healthy weight loss program for a long period of time as your not really feeling deprived of anything. You can incorporate a lot of things into your daily meals that you would probably not associate with a weight loss program.

I find that with the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program if I feel that I strayed from the path a little at the weekend, for the next couple of days I just step up my exercises by about 5 minutes a session and also replace a few of the higher fat items like full fat cheese in an omelette with mushrooms or have fish instead of meat. I don’t seem to slow down the weight loss process. I even got tempted by chocolate on Saturday but only had a small amount. I picked up this principle in the book ‘French Women don’t get Fat’.

If you haven’t read this, basically what they are saying is that if French women fancy some chocolate then they have a small peice of very high quality (high cocoa content) chocolate and this takes away the craving. Or if they go out to dinner and they have a lot of heavy creamy dishes then they cut back the next day to balance it out.

I truly believe that good quality fresh food can satisfy your hunger much better than pre-made processed low fat foods. You feel healthier, much more energised and look healthier when you take care of what you are putting into your body.

It doesn’t have to take long or be an elaborate dish to be tasty…..a few herbs and good quality produce and you can have a very tasty low cal meal in minutes.

I will add some more of my favorite Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle recipes shortly.