jan15.jpgWell I thought I’d heard it all as far as diets are concerned but the Maple Syrup Diet takes the low cal biscuit!

Beyonce is all over the news at the moment here in the UK as she is promoting her new Album……B’day. Apparently she recently lost a lot of weight for her latest film on the Maple Syrup Diet. Fact is anyone will lose weight if they cut way back on calories and work out for several hours a day with their own personal trainer. ‘Well Miss Knowles, you may have designers beating down your door with their size 2 dresses in hand and the Paparazzi lined up 10 deep outside; But speaking for myself and the average Jane Blow who are trying to get a grip on our excesses ……….YOU ARE NOT HELPING!’Yes you look fabulous …….now….you are 24!’
Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that for a weight loss program to be sustainable over a long period, it needs to contain a sensible and healthy eating regime. The only thing crash dieting will get you is muscle loss, low metabolism and an unhealthy glow.

Personally I am tired of all the hype every few months about this new fad or that one. It took me a lot of years but common sense prevailed eventually. The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle regime is the only thing that has worked for this 53 year old serial dieter.

‘So Miss Knowles……..how will you look at 53? Will you look more like Aretha Franklin, will you be suffering from diabetes because of drinking your liquid sugar diet that sent your blood sugar up and down like a yo yo?

I may not be around to see, but if you haven’t dropped off the face of the media and I am around I will be posting an I told you so blog:0)’