Just found a new way to add some exercise that only takes a few minutes a day and gets some fantastic results. I loaned my sisters mini trampoline which she has had for a while and is now seeing a much flatter tummy and a more toned butt. I did read in the past how this can help with your weight loss and exercise efforts but ignored it as there are quite a few of these claims out there. I have seen the results that she is getting from just spending 10 minutes a day on this trampoline and I’m a convert.

I beleive that the few days that I don’t get to the gym then this will be a good alternate choice. Apparantly it also can benefit to flush toxins from your body, this sounds like a good way to help with the post Christmas anual dettox programme.

I think that combining this with the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program could be tje best thing for my weight loss goals that I’ve tried so far. ……… watch this space for a break through report.