Starting to panic now as the holiday to Barbados is looming ever closer. I can just see myself lying on the beach cellulite on display trying to hide the bulges with a strategically placed wrap.

I must get back on the program, I’ve been quite lax lately with the exercise especially as I’m still struggling to get over a cold. Of course we can all come up with some excuses why not to do it, when is my sub-concious going to start coming up with reasons to do it.

I know I have to eat 5-6 small well balanced meals a day and I know that I need to exercise everyday so why can’t I just get on and do it. I think I’ll blame it on the British winter, the mornings are so dark it’s hard to get out of bed and as its so cold and dull most of the time my body craves stodgy comfort food.

I think I’ll have to invent some kind of virtual reality head set that I can go around wearing that makes me think I’m living in a warm sunny climate and just craving nice light salads and lots of exercise.

Did manage to get up into the gym this morning though so am starting the week off right. I just need to remind myself that the holiday is less than 5 weeks away and if I want to not look like a beached whale and if I want to get into the summer dresses I bought last year then I am going to have to get serious.