Jade Goody Fat Sucker or not……With all the furore this week over Jade Goody’s comments and behaviour towards a fellow housemate on Channel 4’s Big Brother program, the previous headlines regarding her fitness video and supposed liposuction seem to have sunk into oblivion,

If in fact Miss Goody did succumb to the temptation of fast blubber loss and got it all sucked out in secret, then I can only wonder at the stupidity of the woman to think that she could put out a fitness video puporting to have lost all the weight through her exercise program.

I think the myths surrounding liposuction, ie that the fat cells are gone forever and you won’t regain weight in those areas should be put to rest. There are always some fat cells left in any area and these cells can always expand more should you continue with your bad eating habits. I think we only need to look at the likes of Liz Taylor to see that the weight loss is not permanent.

This just proves that the only way to reduce your weight is to embark on lifestyle changes. Being careful about what you eat and exercising on a regular basis has to be a program for life. To keep the metabolism burning like a furnace you have to keep stoking it with small meals every 3 hours. You also need to use the metabolism tricking techniques as mentioned in the previous articles in order to stop your body going into starvation mode.

Apart from that, I think the feeling of well being that is created from exercise and living a healthy life is something that cannot be found on the end of a surgeons knife.